Founded by heavyweight Hollywood producer Basil Iwanyk and esteemed sports industry executive Greg Economou, game1 is a content studio that delivers elevated sports-oriented content in the form of feature films, scripted and unscripted television programming, digital and social content, and podcasts. We do this by matching the greatest sports-centric intellectual property with the best and brightest storytellers in the world – the writers, directors, producers, editors, and actors from Hollywood. We secure this incredible IP through extraordinary content partnerships with professional athletes, teams, leagues, media companies, and/or consumer brands – placing us squarely at the intersection of sports and Hollywood as we create compelling, emotional, and memorable content that is able to reach the masses.

If our mission is to create great sports-oriented content, then our mandate is to do so in a culturally relevant and socially impactful manner. Both sports and Hollywood uniquely influence society in profound ways, each driving social impact and change more than ever before. However, our thesis from day one was to create a bridge between these two extraordinary worlds – further leveraging the common love of sports with the art of masterful storytelling to create impact at scale. In the end, we aspire to create stories that go beyond the playing fields, stories that inspire individually and collectively.